Autumn is Here


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Remember to remove all watermarks.

1. Open a New Transparent Image 800 X 600.

2. Flood Fill with the Foreground Color #6e2a20.
3. New Layer Flood Fill with the Background Color #d08c4e.

4. Layers New Mask Layer from Image. Find !cid_1081267AEB0F418F9CD20A6EE35212E0@mk4e247f9198204 mask...

5. Effects / Edge Effects / Enhance.

Layers / Merge / Merge Group.

6. Selection Tool set to Rectangle.

Make a Selection inside each of the 4 Windows and press Delete.

Selections / Select None.

7. Inside the windows is now transparent.

Edit / Copy the Tube / LD-little girl-102

Edit / Paste as New Layer.

8. Image Resize 55%. Do Not tick All Layers.

Place as in the Example

9. Edit / Copy / EMA_Deco Vlinder 1 _ 06052019.
Edit / Paste as a New Layer
10. Image / Resize 40% set on the windowsill like mine.

11. Give The Girl and Deco a Drop Shadow (see print).

Activate the Bottom Layer.

Selections / Select All,

Edit / Copy Image 100133

Edit / Paste Into Selection

Selections / Select None.

Add your name or watermark

Save as jpg