Double-click large-sized pictures.

Foreground Color #cdcec8

Background Color #0c0c0c

Many thanks to Dennis Robinson for the translation of my Tutorial

Place the Selection in the Selections Folder

Texture in the Textures Folder

Gradient in the Gradients Folder

Presets in the Preset Folder

The rest opens in PSP


Open Image on 900 X 600 Pixels

Fill the Layer with the Background Color #cdcec8

Layers / New Raster Layer

Fill with the Foreground Color #cdcec8

Layers / New Mask Layer from Image


Layers / Merge / Merge Group

Layers / Properties / Blend Mode / Hard Light / Opacity 50

Layers / New Raster Layer

Fill with White

Layers / New Mask from Image

top fade.jpg (See Example)

Layers / Merge / Merge Group

Image / Flip Vertical

Activate the Layer / Group Raster 2

Effects / Plugins / AP [Lines] Silverlining (See Example)

Image / Add Borders 1-pixel Foreground Color #cdcec8

Image / Add Borders 1-pixel Background Color #0c0c0c

Image / Add Borders 3-pixels Foreground Color #cdcec8

Image / Add Borders 30-pixels Background Color #0c0c0c

Activate the Magic Wand / Select the 30-pixel Border

Effects / Reflection Effects / Kaleidoscope (See Example)

Edit / Copy / Rosalie_2021_kniple.psp

Edit / Paste as a New Layer

Place to the Left

Layers / Duplicate

Activate the Middle Layer

Adjust / Blur / Gaussian Blur (See Example)

Edit / Copy / vvs-deco0349

Edit / Paste as a New Layer

Image / Resize 80%

Place to the Lower Right

Effects / 3d Effects / Drop Shadow / 0 / 0 / 60 / 20 Black

Edit / Copy Text_rosalie

Edit / Paste / as a New Layer

Remove the Watermark

Place Top Right

Add your name or watermark

Image / Add Borders / 5-pixels White

You're done

Hope you thought it was fun to make.

© 2021